Friday, July 9, 2010

The Month Update - New Ideas, Computers, & Success?

Just a quick update here. First off I finally finished my new trading (& gaming hehe) rig yesterday. What can I say... ATI Eyefinity kicks ass. I'm going to get a LOT of use out of this new system. Its so nice to have something that nice and snappy, runs flawless, has 69" of HD screen space, and monitors that don't flicker on and off at will.

On the job front i've been applying at multiple prop firms in the greater Chicago area trying to land a "Junior Trader" or "Assistant Trader" position at a firm. Anyway I slice it i'm in a rut here in Omaha. Professionally, personally, financially - I need a drastic change. If anyone knows of firms looking to hire or job opportunities out there give me a shout!

On the subject of trading. Awais has been yelling at me for years about just trading off S/R and simplification. I'm making a concerted effort to do just that. I trade with 1 line on the charts these days and nothing else. The only reason I use that one line is to gauge momentum of a trend (i'm looking for steep fast trends to trade in). Beyond that my trades are bare bones simple - support coming resistance and vice versa. The result? Solid on sim (aren't they all?).

But the honest to god truth is once I started looking for this stuff something clicked and I have started to "see" this happening everywhere. I honestly think my ability to read price action has gone up about 1000% in the past two weeks. And that's in no small part to having no distractions on my charts. My only concern is that my risk:reward is a bit better than 1:1. However my win rate is above 75-80% thus far. We'll just have to see how it develops.

Anyhow, thanks for checking in and your continued interest in seeing i'm not dead, down, & out just yet.