Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A day of Muck ups and F**k ups

Missed a textbook winner today for +7 in the 6C. Just flat out wasn't paying attention. Was too busy drooling over a McLaren on a car forum to make money off of the trade. I'm never gonna get my new McLaren unless I FOCUS ON TRADING. So... pissed about that. I haven't missed a valid trade in weeks!!!

The rest of the day went a bit better... I took two more great trades, took a +1 par on one and a +7 on the other. Which brings me to a revision of rules (not a big one at all) but its this - take true break evens and stop jamming stops to get +1 and cover commissions. My +1 could've been +7 if I had kept my stop at break even. I didn't, pushed it as per my rules and got high ticked out for a measly tick before it dropped to the target.

I'm not trading for a tick - i'm trading for a full fledged winner. I can cover a lot more commissions with a winner than I can a singular tick. Today should've been +7, +7, +7 for $227.50 - and i'm walking away with a fraction of that. I've gotta be posting up triple digit days as the norm - not this measly sub 100.00 crap. Not acceptable.

Trade Results:
2 Trades, 1 Par, 1 Winner
Gross P/L: $97.50/per

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The End of the Streak

Had to happen sooner or later... 6 winning days in a row and the 7th wasn't to be. Nothing horrific. Got slipped a tick on a breakeven effort and took a legit loss on an up move that wanted to ping me out before it went where expected. We knew the losing trades were coming and I think we took them in stride.

Trade Results:
2 Trades, 1 Par, 1 Loss
Gross P/L: $-62.50/per

Monday, March 29, 2010

A Technical Mistake...

So things this morning were stagnant and slow. Like real slow. But along came a bounce setup and I jumped in as I should've. Thing was that this bounce setup was also a reversal setup which now means I had competing and differentiated management techniques for the same trade. Wrut Wro.

One setup gets to par on a close through the High/Low of swing. The other waits for a move in favor. I ended up getting to par on the close through which in hindsight was not the best idea because I had only entered 2 ticks prior to the High and it closed through 1 tick on the opposing side. Not a lot of wiggle room folks. So once out at par of course the reversal management worked perfectly for a winning trade without me. Ain't that always the way?

Point is, I hadn't had this occur before and it was a weak point in my trade plan. I can't stress this enough - PLAN FOR EVERYTHING. I really thought I had a solid plan in place only to find out there was still a chink in the armor. A solid trade plan is the easiest way to produce consistent results and yet its the one thing most traders don't focus on at all.

My trade plan is printed out and in front of me at all times. I breakout my plan into my 4 trade setups, entry criteria, par criteria, trailing stop criteria, and exit criteria. I also would recommend having MULTIPLE solutions and rules to get to par or take profit. Rarely does the market repeat itself exactly... and you need to have rule sets in place to deal with every possible outcome to maximize your trade profitability. Once your done its just a quick glance to reference exactly what you have to do to execute the trade perfectly.

Later in the morning I caught another reversal setup a bit later in the 6C that worked great except for slipping me a tick on entry. No biggie!

Trade Results:
2 Trades, 1 Par, 1 Winner
Gross P/L: $60.00/per

Friday, March 26, 2010

Starting to Come Together

Not much to discuss, took a nice reversal trade that went to the target but didn't fill and reversed. So I walked away with a tick to cover commissions. Nothing else developed. Honestly i'm really liking the pace of trades i'm getting. I don't feel overwhelmed at any time and I can just keep a solid hold on everything during my trade day.

I ended up making money every day this week which is AWESOME. I didn't hit it out of the park but honestly making an average of $50.00 a day is more than enough for me to add size and live life without want. Its the consistency of that $50.00 that I really need to prove moving forward.

Trade Results:
1 Trade, 1 Par
Gross P/L: $10.00/per

Weekly Results:
Gross P/L: $295.00/per
Net P/L After Commissions: $251.40/per
Win/Loss: 100%
Win+Par/Loss: 100%
Profit Factor: 14.75 (No losses other than -1 tick slippage)

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I came, I sat, I saw.... nada.

No trade setups today folks. But I did read a fascinating story about the "Worlds Most Ingenious Thief". An awesome read if your bored over on

Trade Results:
No Trades
Gross P/L: $-.--/per

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Consistency in the Air?

Pretty quiet day over here. Took two "bounce trades" one got a par, the other went for a solid winner. These are the trades that are designed to let run and don't have predefined targets. Both were great trades and I did manage to perfectly execute and manage them both.

However, the second trade really spiked the interest of my evil douche-bag gremlin. My trade rules state that i'm to only get to par on a close through the high or low of the swing. And the trade bounced around for a full 16 minutes before doing just that. I thought the trade was done for soooo many times and the evil douche-bag gremlin was screaming "get to par you dipshit!". But I didn't. I beat that gremlins ass with a bat, stuck to my rules and had a damn nice trade.

If I keep this kind of crap up I might accidentally turn into a profitable trader - what a weird reality that would be.

Trade Results:
2 Trades, 1 Par, 1 Winner
Gross P/L: $120.00/per

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Solid Trading

Well after another day of trading i'm finding that i'm running a pretty damn tight ship these days. Spotting and pulling the trigger is a non issue at this point (which is a huge breakthrough in its own right). My weakness is sticking to the rule set once i'm in the trade, but having my rules printed out and sitting before me really reinforces my management.

Today for example I had four great trades, but the second one slipped a tick on exit (high ticking me out of a winning trade nonetheless) and when I got into the next trade I started thinking... "Well If I could just eek a tick out i'd be back up on the day". Now I know rationally this makes NO sense, but in the back of my mind there is still a little douche-bag gremlin there yelling these things at me. That's the kind of irrational bullshit my mind plays on me. I'm down on the day (by 10 dollars) and I HAVE to get it back. Good news is I took my anti-douche-bag-gremlin pills this morning and traded flawlessly.

Trade Results:
4 Trades, 3 Pars, 1 Winner
Gross P/L: $77.50/per

Monday, March 22, 2010

New Beginnings

As you all know today was the first day of my restructured trade plan and setups. A lot is riding on my performance over the next two weeks to execute the trades as perfectly as possible and allow the results to speak for themselves. I find that its much easier to execute trades correctly if your setups mimic your own personal traits.

One of the things i've really tried to do is tailor my setups to my personality. I'm just not a very patient person. I'm not saying that if i'm in a trade i'll bail because its failing to achieve my first target within 30 seconds but I prefer to be in and out quickly. Furthermore, I perform better if I walk away with $87.50 on two trades rather than a par and $175.00 on one trade. That's just me. That type of trading suits my personality and allows me to have more faith in my trades, which in turn allows me to execute more reliably.

I only mention this because I know a lot of you out there who are still learning methods (probably not your own) often think you have to trade everything like everyone else does. Not only do I disagree with this, I would go further to say that it can be counter-productive to try and do this. Trading isn't a "one size fits all" profession. You could give the same 10 rules to 100 different people and you would end up with 100 different results ranging for horribly unprofitable to amazingly profitable. Those results are a direct result of different personalities interacting with not only the marketplace, but the rules with which they are told to do so. This all in turn affects execution which rolls over into a direct correlation with profitability.

That's all for my thoughts of the day, now onto the days trading. I had one trade around 10AM this morning in the 6J. It was a reversal trade that worked perfectly. The thing I found a bit eye-opening was that when your backtesting I would see this trade, record it as a win and think nothing more of it. The reality is that in real time it took 33 minutes from entry to exit to achieve and at one point it was down 5 ticks against me. Now in my backtesting I don't record times in trades (nor even think about it) or do I think about what those adverse wiggles can do to your psyche in real time.

Its very easy to see a binary outcome in backtesting of win or loss. I would encourage you all to take a minute to consider the reality of each of your back-tested trades. What is it going to be like in real time? Will that draw down make you question your motives? Will the market not going in a straight line to your target give you doubt? Will all of these things make you surrender the position for anything less than your back-tested outcomes? Its not something we often think about until real money is on the line. And by then it often becomes all too real all too late.

Trade Results:
1 Trade, 1 Winner
Gross P/L: $87.50/per

Friday, March 19, 2010

Taking a Step Back

Behind the scenes there has been a lot of trade "tweaking" and creation over the past 14 days that I have neglected to share with you all. So I wanted to take a moment to explain what those changes were and their potential impact on my performance.

First BIG change. You remember my first week live? All looking fine initially, but it somehow just didn't come together? Well during that time I was trading 2 different pullback setups, lets call them Type 1 and Type 2. Now, I had combined their results in the back-test the week ahead to get my results, and while the Type 1's weren't hitting it out of the park I thought they were at least holding their own in profitability. Problem was, they were JUST barley able to do that.

Here are the back-test results filtered into each type rather than combined together.

Type 1:

Type 2:

Notice anything glaring? I certainly did. What befuddles me (yes I just used the word befuddles) is that it had snuck past me before. Take a look at my live results with the same filter applied... real trades I took were bang on and performing to expectation but were wiped out by all the bad Type 1 trades. Had I filtered my results to only take type 2's I would've been making consistent money.



I was taking good trades, but they just were being covered up by the bad ones. However, remember last Friday and my back to back max losses on that pullback trade in the 6E? Well I do. So I started looking at my trades a bit closer and something blatant jumped out at me. And voila a new filter was born that kept 80% of the winners and cut out a lot of the inefficient pars and losses.

However, my new filter on my pullback trades meant they were going to be occurring less and less. For example we had two of them this entire week - BUT they were solid winners each time. So to offset the lack of trades I decided to push ahead with the setup i've been refining for weeks now.

The inclusion of "reversal trades" in my trading plan started early this week. Problem was I was still refining some of the rules and I shouldn't have gone live until those rules were set in stone. The winner on Wednesday that I screwed up would still be valid, and my loser on Monday wouldn't have. The back-tests of these trades is not as high of a Profit Factor as the other setups but it still is around ~2.0 when tested on 24 hour back-tests in all Forex markets and the ES, GCL, EMD, NQ, YM, TF, as well.

The Profit Factors during my actual live trade hours in the Forex markets have been greater than 5 which is something I can live with. Again, these trades are like the pullback trades in that they don't occur all that often due to the highly filtered nature of the setup but when they do they have proven to be very reliable.

The last change is one more setup that is another version of the reversal. Difference being that this setup looks to hit big runners each time by getting in earlier and holding for gold. These trades are frankly - rare. During my live trade hours I might get maybe 1 or 2 a week. But my oh my how they can win when they occur. I tested them on all the futures markets again using 24 hour charts and they came back with a ~90% win rate and a profit factor of 8.8!

To be honest this trade setup has got me seriously considering trading the Asian Session open in the evenings till around 12PM CST. Its just so damn consistent when it occurs.

All in all i've had a frustrating, yet illuminating week. With my trade rules set in stone now I finally need to lock everything down and go into a "no change zone" for two weeks. I have to see how the method can perform as it sits right now before changing anything else. I've spoken to the issue of too much continual change in a trading plan being counter productive and working against consistency and performance. I have to take my own advice and see whats what. Its impossible to say something needs to be fixed if I can't verify its broken in the first place.

As for today's action I had one of my nice pullback trades in the 6B and after it finished chopping back and forth she dropped like a rock. I took profit at the predefined target and walked away with +11.

Trade Results:
1 Trade, 1 Winner
Gross P/L: $68.75/per

Weekly Results:
Gross P/L: $31.25/per
Net P/L After Commissions: $4.00/per
Win/Loss: 66%
Win+Par/Loss: 80%
Profit Factor: .056

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Technicality Costs Money

Today was a pretty slow day with chop and congestion taking over the 6A, C, S, and J for the majority of the morning. That left me with an opportunity in the 6E around 10:00AM. This trade was a reversal trade, something i've been working on and will talk about more later. But its basically as simple as it looks - its a LH/HL failure in a trend, or a reversion to mean. The LH/HL pattern is something that I look for in all of my trades and something i'll speak more on in depth in the coming days.

The trade is designed to take the first burst through a stop level and capture the initial push caused by the flood of orders entering the market and nothing more. I'm not looking for 30 pip winners off of these trades. When I am able to go at the markets with 2 contracts (which will be awhile considering my dismal live performance) I will take one of normally and allow the other to trail stops naturally to allow for potential big winners. But until then, its more of a scalp for 7ish ticks or so.

So what was my mistake today? Well it was caused by slippage (something I should get used to with the levels in use on these setups where a lot of quick churn is going to happen). I got slipped a tick on entry short. I have separate levels for getting to break-even and getting to +1 tick. The move worked in favor to my break-even level so I moved my stop to break-even right? Wrong. Due to the slippage my break-even stop was where my +1 stop should've been, and it came back up, high ticked me out at par, and went right on to my target. With slippage accounted for, i'm down 75 bucks from what I deserve.

In the future I will move to my normal break-even and +1 levels independent of my actual fill. Lesson learned.

Trade Results:
1 Trade, 1 Par
Gross P/L: $0.00/per

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No Trades - FOMC Day

I never trade the FOMC days. Typically slow and sloppy before, and spastic after. Decided to spend the day sleeping in, watching a few movies, working out, and polishing my tennis serve. All in all - a great day! Hope you all had profitable outcomes if you stuck through it!

Monday, March 15, 2010

More losses!

Missed par levels by a tick and took a loss and had one small win.

Trade Results:
3 Trades, 1 Win, 1 Par, 1 Loss
Gross P/L: $-37.50/per

Friday, March 12, 2010


Rough Day. Took two back to back full stop outs in the 6E. Just got caught in chop that didn't want to go my way. Everything was textbook, but that doesn't make big losses much more palatable. And worse, it really makes the entire week look like outright failure. The results are simple, two losses, a bunch of pars and not one win make for bad outcomes.

The only good thing in all of this is that if I was being judged on execution of my trade plan it was truly a flawless week. Not one screw up. If only that correlated a bit more closely to trade outcome...

Trade Results:
2 Trades, 2 Losses
Gross P/L: $-200/per

Weekly Results:
Gross P/L: $-156.25/per
Net P/L After Commissions: $-188.95/per
Win/Loss: 0%
Win+Par/Loss: 67%
Profit Factor: .000

Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Trades!

I was actually complimented with some trade opportunity today and came close to catching a winner. As you can see, I took a great long signal in the 6B (I took a duplicate of it in the 6E as well) but as it hit my par level, it paused momentarily, rotated back down to its low to smack me out at par and then continued on its merry way without me. Frustrating, but textbook.

I had two other longs today in the 6E but both stalled at highs and came back in my face after being up around 5-7 ticks each. Thing is - I was holding for the runners as my rules dictate, and the runners weren't there. One of them stopped out on negative slippage but the nice thing about locking in a tick of profit on pars is negative slippage just turns a trade into an actual par. I can live with that.

Frankly i'm just happy to actually have some trades to take. I don't feel so anxious about not having any opportunity to try and grab anymore. Certainly not the same amount of trades as two weeks back or even last week but i'll take whatever comes my way.

The only other slight change i'm making in my trade schedule is quitting at 11AM CST rather than 12PM CST. I know I know, i'm a lazy pile of crap. Thing is this: the net results from the past 3 weeks after 11AM CST is 4 par trades... 4 Par trades isn't worth the additional 12 hours of work. I'm all about working hard, but i'd much rather work smart and efficiently when its going to count the most.

Trade Results:
3 Trades, 3 Pars
Gross P/L: $31.25/per

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Trade!!!

To my shock and amazement I was actually able to take a trade today! The move ended up pausing at the highs and backfilling to take me out at par but as you can see... right idea.

So that's really all there is to report. Conditions were very nice today and I can't complain one bit. Solid trends, nice pullbacks, and lots of 'close but no cigar' setups. I took the one textbook setup that came along, managed it perfectly and took the exit my rules dictated. I can't ask for (or do) anything more than that.

As a side note to my fellow traders, a friendly reminder that rollover is coming in the next couple of days depending on which instruments you're trading... Keep an eye on the volume transition between front month and current month so you stay on the right contract!

Trade Results:
1 Trade, 1 Par
Gross P/L: $12.50/per

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day Two of Blah...

Not one trade again today. Today was a case of big moves that occurred around 7-8AM and by the time I got to the charts at 9AM everything was in consolidation mode recovering from the big moves. Those conditions weren't conducive to giving me signals.

The thing about having no trades two days in a row when you've been averaging 4 a day is that it puts you back on your heels. It makes you second guess yourself, makes you wonder if you missed something, makes you wonder if your method is all its cracked up to be.

I've been down that road way too many times. So rather than embrace the fear and doubt - I think i'll just keep on doing exactly what I have been.

Trade Results:
No Trades
Gross P/L: -.--/per

Monday, March 8, 2010

All Quiet on the Western Front

I came, I saw, I sat. No trades today. There was one just before my start time this morning which ended up with a couple ticks but other than that it was a lot of hurry up and wait. But that kids is what this game is all about sometimes.

The patience to sit on your hands when its not there is just as important as the ability to pull the trigger when it is!

Trade Results:
No Trades
Gross P/L: -.--/per

Friday, March 5, 2010

Close but no cigar...

It looks like after all of the fight we put up we ended up losing money this week. I traded well today again but caught a loser in the 6S and was slipped a tick ontop of it. But as you can see in the image below... right idea... just a bit early.

So what i'm left with is results in stark contrast to last week. To make sure that i'm not nuts and falling down a primrose path to failure yet again I have analyzed the trades and outcomes from this week and compared them to last week. Two things became very apparent:
  • Missed trades on Monday and Tuesday while I got my feet under me and was having platform issues cost me big.
  • The trades simply weren't there like they were last week.
Missed trades cost me at least 175.00 worth of profit. Not massive, but it makes a difference. I also have decided to move towards giving my trades 1 additional tick of initial risk. I had 2 trades this week where I was low ticked out and could've turned full stopouts into either pars or nice winners. If I can accomplish that with only 1 additional tick of risk I think its worth it.

The more obvious reason for performance (or lack thereof) was the lack of profitable trades. I went back and looked at the actual setups from last week (I take a screenshot of every trade I take and log it) and i'm sorry folks, but they just weren't there this week like last week. There were just awesome trades everywhere that meshed perfectly with what I was doing last week, and that wasn't the case this week for whatever reason.

Take for example the total number of trades taken last week - 34. This week, only 23. Even including the missed trades it would still only be around 27. Conditions simply weren't as great as they were on the prior week.

But I remain committed and optimistic that there is indeed something here so I will continue on next week with the tiny tweak of additional 1 ticks of risk and keep at it.

Certainly not the week I was expecting (it literally went downhill everyday since Monday) but I'm still walking away from it having learned a lot and performed well under the conditions.

Trade Results:
1 Loss
Gross P/L: $-100/per

Weekly Results:
Gross P/L: $55.00/per
Net P/L After Commissions: $-70.35/per
Win/Loss: 54%
Win+Par/Loss: 74%
Profit Factor: .972

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rough and Tumble

Today was by far the worst day i've hit yet. Just couldn't seems to do much right in terms of how the signals played out. I would get profit, then hit a loser, get more profit back, hit another loser. Rinse and repeat all day long. One of my winners today was solid, but was on the 6B at 6.25/tick. Both losses were at 12.50/tick. Sucks but that's life right now. That being said, I did exactly what I was supposed to and give myself a solid A on execution today. No fear, no greed, no trigger shyness, just solid execution.

I will say I am a bit frustrated with the results thus far. Don't get me wrong, i'm having more consistency and success than I have ever had before but the method is obviously in a drawdown period as the results this week just aren't in line with last week. Thing is though - that's ok. For once i'm remaining the constant in the market rather than trying to change X, Y, and Z around to "catch more". So when the markets decide to go my way again be it tomorrow or next week i'll be there to capitalize on it.

Trade Results:
2 Wins, 2 Losses, 4 Pars.
Gross P/L: $0.00/per

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 3 Live

I'll keep this short. Ended up the day with a scratch. Markets were fairly congestive, gave me 4 par trades, 2 losses, and only 1 winner. But i'm trying to break from my habit of comparing my profit for the day with my execution of my method for the day. While the profit isn't there today, I executed perfectly. I did everything I needed to do, caught every move I was supposed to and managed them all perfectly textbook. I can't say that i've ever really done that before. And frankly, if I can have a day like today where I had a couple losses, a small win, and a ton of pars and walk away basically unscathed... that my friends is progress.

Trade Results:
4 Pars, 2 Losses, 1 Win
Gross P/L: $1.25/per

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 2 Live

Today was awesome if for no other reason that I could focus 100% on my trading and didn't suffer any platform or data issues. However, it was one of those days where I didn't catch any big runners and half of my winning trades ended up being at 6.25/tick in the 6B and my 1 loss was at 12.50/tick in the 6J. Not to mention the two tasty winners I had to pass up because I have a self-imposed 1 lot limit on my account right now. Gotta crawl before you can walk ya know? But for now, its all 1 lots and that's the reality i'm faced with.

Overall there wasn't much action for me today. I'm usually churning about 10 trades a day, today I had 4. This is reflected in the overall P/L performance for the day. Its quite a bit under what I would've liked to see!

I truly feel like i'm coming into my own with this approach. For the first time I truly can look at the markets objectively know exact which markets are potentially in play and then I just sit back and wait to pounce. Rinse and repeat. All you professionals out there probably have been doing this since you were in diapers but for myself its a huge change. That change is playing a huge impact on my everyday psyche and attitude towards not only the markets but life in general.

I have been walking around with an uneasy angst about my continual failure in the markets and its finally starting to subside. But before we pop champagne - its only day two. Lots of career left to go!

OEC Side-note - I've talked to two other traders that were caught in the same issues with OEC Futures Data yesterday as I was. Apparently OEC did change some system stuff with the 3.5 roll-out which caused the problem. However one of the traders said that after 45 minutes on the phone with support that they were aware of the problem, were working to fix it, and that I might have free futures data reinstated by the weekend. Awesome!

*Checkout the new blog logo too! I know I know... its as awesome as I am!*

Trade Results:
2 Wins, 1 Par, 1 Loss
Gross P/L: $47.50/per

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Shit Storm that is my Life

I'll try and keep this short, but the past 12 hours have been hellish. Had a great weekend and was looking forward to going live today (I did, more on that in a bit). Last night I logged onto my OEC Trader platform to check charts and just look at the moves. All of my futures data doesn't appear. WTF? I contact OEC support last night at midnight and they couldn't seem to replicate the issues.

In the meantime I had downloaded a new version of OEC (3.5 Demo) to see the new features and was pulling up the futures data with no problems, while 3.4 running concurrently could only reference spot Forex data. Hmmmm. My first thought was that they started filtering who got futures data (I only have a spot Forex account with them). Those fears were soon realized.

Lets get one thing clear - the only reason I opened an account with OEC was because I was explicitly told that no matter what account I had (spot, futures, equity) I could access ALL data. So I opened the account and had spent the last 3 months trading off their futures data with no issues.

Today I was told by customer service that you only get data for your specified account type and that it has always been this way. (I'm not insane, i've been using their data for months). They were befuddled at 1. That I was told all users got all data, and 2. That I had had access to futures data over the past 3 months.

Regardless - imagine my surprise when i'm all ready to go and today of all days the one reliable portion of my trading plan (data and platform) conks out and I'm left out in the cold.

To make matters worse the new versions of OEC have a bug that doesn't allow additional fractional digits to be added to the data box (so my moving average says 135.897 rather than being rounded up to 135.90). I use this functionality in all of my trades and now it was broken.

So now i've got a platform that doesn't work as it did on Friday, and i'm without futures data, and oh yea, today was supposed to be my first day live.

Long story short I did try to trade live today but between getting the data running and fixing platform calculation errors my performance suffered greatly. And it wasn't taking bad trades - it was missing AWESOME trades. So as of 10:30AM i'm calling it quits for the day. I still caught two winners but I conservatively missed $187.50 of profit to this point in time this morning. Were not talking woulda coulda shoulda trades, were talking they were there for the plucking but outside issues (customer support, data, and platform calculations) prevented them being taken as they were all last week.

So i'm just a bit stressed, pissed, and frazzled from the day and it had nothing to do with my trading. So hopefully i'll get things in order and the rest of the week goes smoothly.

I have to say I am amazed at the irony of the situation. This would have to happen to me today. Its like how all of us go out with our new methods and the first trade is always a loser? As if the markets are trying to smack you back down for trying to beat them. And now that I can beat them the only way to sabotage me was through killing my trade platform.

As far as today, I took two great trades, one smaller winner and one runner that I admittedly mismanaged. I thought price was stalling and I jammed my stop up and got +10 but it continued on in favor and the textbook exit was +15. Pretty big mistake but i've got the "live jitters" out of my trading now and we are good to go!

Trade Results:
2 Trades, 2 Wins
Gross P/L: $106.25/per