Saturday, August 15, 2009

Leaving town...

Sorry for lack of updates as usual, but this week I took it pretty light... had two scratch days, didn't trade Wednesday (FOMC) and I took Friday off. I'm taking off in the morning for my sisters wedding and i'll be taking a vacation from all of the trading work i've been feverishly working on over the past two months.

A lot of hard work, a lot of time and effort spent, but it is really paying off in my trading and my business and i'm looking forward to building on my results for the rest of the year.

Big things are right around the corner! Good luck to you all trading in the coming weeks!

Monday, August 10, 2009

A Losing Day

Not by much... just 1 tick. Went up +3.75 on the first trade, gave back -2.5 on the next, and -1 on another.

The first one was a perfect setup, the next two were so-so... but i'm focusing on just trying to take everything that comes down the pipe for the time being to establish a baseline.

Overall... not bad I suppose.

Trade Results:
NQ: -5.00

Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 2 is Better!

Caught a sexy little setup for +3.75 today in the NQ. So that brings us up to +135/contract growth in two days, three trades, and a 100% win rate. It doesn't sound like much but when you consider its being done on a 1000.00 account - that equates to 13.5% growth inside of two days.

I'm not trading the afternoon on Friday as usual. But the real story is the TF which I desperately need to get my account up to margin for. Two trades today, up 400.00/contract. Daddy wants. But for the time being baby steps I suppose.

Hope you all had a good day.

Trade Results:
NQ: +75.00

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 1 Live

Not much to write home about. Two trades, 1 Par, 1 2X winner for +2.5 points. Pretty darn boring day.

There was a easy trade for +5 in the NQ that I passed on because it was testing the daily low when the signal occurred and I prefer to avoid setups around the day's highs or lows. In my opinion it involves another group of traders that would otherwise be uninterested in the setup. You get all of the action from people just fading the move that you wouldn't normal see. Not to mention, that the pit knows that their are people fading the high's and low's of the day and they love to step in and stop run at those places so I just skipped it all together.

Catch you all tomorrow!

Trade Results:
NQ: +50.00

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fair Disclosure...

Had I been able to trade today it would've been a losing day. -2.25 after one par and one loss. Lately the NQ has just been kind of crap and in a sort of "drawdown phase" right now. Good trades come back by a tick to take me out at par before running, others just lose, but the winners have been fairly few and far between if i'm honest. The TF on the other hand continues to hand out free money like its the only thing on its mind. +380/per in that bad boy. I need to get some more money in my trade account so I can say goodbye NQ, and hello TF!

I called TS and apparently my account was on a default "margin call" because I had removed almost all the money from the account last month and was just using it for charting. So they reset the account and i'm good to go for tomorrow.

"Order Rejected"

So I tried.... but my DOM keeps yelling at me that i'm a loser, and it doesn't like me and saying things like "Order Rejected". Apparently TS has me on restricted margin or something because they sure as hell won't let me trade the advertised margins.

Don't know what the deal is but we'll see if I can't get it sorted with customer service this afternoon.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Live Tomorrow

Now or never right? I've got a paltry sum back in my TS futures account but enough to get me a few at bats in the NQ market. So I figure - what the hell, lets give it a shot worst case I get knocked under margin after a few trades until I refund with a bit more money. I've been doing quite frankly, amazing in the TF for weeks now (I still haven't hit that losing day just yet) and I see no reason why I can't have similar success in the NQ. It won't be easy, but i'm well prepared and i've got an approach that is about 10 X's better than anything i've ever used. So its put up or shut up time.

I fully expect to have lots of losing days, mistakes, and losing trades going live but I KNOW that I have probability on my side if I apply my rules correctly.

So lets find out. See you tomorrow!