Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Papa Got Camtasia

I finally got Camtasia studio so I can finally embed videos and share them with you. The video is 21 minutes long. I know. I'm not that interesting.

First couple minutes are a daily recap of the action and signals, the opening of a new Forex account and then I delve into my new "discovery".

Probably the most "DUHHHHHHH" discovery I could ever share with you all. But its enough to get me back into the signals and methodology I was using at the beginning of the year.

You get a e-high five if you actually making it through the entire video without punching your screen or thinking "why won't this douchebag stop talking?"

P.S. I promise my other video updates (baring break throughs) won't be nearly as long. It took damn near a half hour for this video to render on my laptop!

Link deleted due to bandwidth concerns.

Cheers folks!

Trade Results:

ES: -62.50
NQ: +0.00


E-Mini Player said...

e-high five...I actually sat through your entire video LOL

Btw, I always thought it was pronounced "Oh-And-Ay" :D

Richard said...

I assume your swing high-low indicator isn't real-time, right? Plots a couple bars behind? So... you need to be careful when looking for signals on historical charts because your eyes will be drawn to the after-the-fact swing highs and lows.

For instance, 3 or 4 green bars followed by a red bar... so, if you get in and it turns out to be at a swing high, great. But, if the uptrend continues then you are screwed, right? And, your eyes probably gloss right over all of those cases if you are not careful.

Matt said...

Awais - I commend you. On and ay? eh? Thanks... now I feel like a dipshit. ;)

Richard - Very valid point and one i've had problems with in the past.

Thank you for pointing it! But I am aware of this and thankfully there is more to the method than a change of color in bar sequences.

I know I was kind of cryptic with the signals and some were 1 bar reversals but I can't explain the signals due to them being copyrighted by Austin P. Suffice it to say, you make a very valid point but one that isn't as big of a concern as it might seem at first glance.