Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Live Tomorrow

Now or never right? I've got a paltry sum back in my TS futures account but enough to get me a few at bats in the NQ market. So I figure - what the hell, lets give it a shot worst case I get knocked under margin after a few trades until I refund with a bit more money. I've been doing quite frankly, amazing in the TF for weeks now (I still haven't hit that losing day just yet) and I see no reason why I can't have similar success in the NQ. It won't be easy, but i'm well prepared and i've got an approach that is about 10 X's better than anything i've ever used. So its put up or shut up time.

I fully expect to have lots of losing days, mistakes, and losing trades going live but I KNOW that I have probability on my side if I apply my rules correctly.

So lets find out. See you tomorrow!


MBAGearhead said...

Good luck! Either way, you'll get an A+ for effort.

E-Mini Player said...

Good luck Matt!

M said...

Good luck Matt!!