Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm Baaaaaack!

Well after a refreshing piece of vacation with the family its time to get back down to business. I'll be back trading tomorrow like usual from 9-11AM CST. I've been keeping track of the daily outcomes on woulda/shoula/coula and there were 2 days of solid profit on Monday and Tuesday but I probably would've ended up net negative today had I traded.

I'm trying to refrain from "rule building" my method out and stay true to the broad logic it employs which is a big struggle for me. But overall the idea is 100% the same as it was a month ago as well as the management, entries, etc. with only maybe a couple tweaks here and there. But those tweaks are mainly put in place to allow myself the ability to hold some runners a bit longer, or take a second entry on a higher timeframe all using the same entry logic and management.

Ok, here is the other news. I've been developing the blog but i'm at the point where I need to decide on a blog name so I can dig into photoshop and start personalizing a template.

I'm kind of going with the idea of somehow putting a beating to the markets as most traders get beat by the market... so i'm just spitballing ideas here....


or a completely different avenue...


Your thoughts and input would be greatly appreciated!!!


E-Mini Player said...


First of all LOL! But on a serious note, I would avoid those names because they put you AGAINST the market, which is not a good place to be.

Good luck!

Silver Eagle said...

I like bitchslapthemarkets. It's an attention grabber. If I saw a link with that name I'd have to click on it just to see what it was about.

Aminur said...

Hi Matt
Good to know you are back. I see you don't have any price tag for I really would like to learn from you. Please help me out. . I tried to buy your course but I guess I'm too late.. but if you can help me out. I'm happy to join in

Matt said...

Aminur - you can follow what myself and others are doing in this thread:

Check out thales post on page 84 I think about HL, and LH. Should give you some ideas. Entire thread is gold. I post in it regularly.

Aminur said...

Hi Matt
Thanks for your reply.I will check out that thread. I was reading your blog and in september you said you will release the indicator is that gonna happen soon? I saw the video on youtube.. its awsome

Matt said...

Nah, there will be nothing released. I've moved on from that application. It was still much too focused on looking at individual trees rather than at the actual forest.

Anonymous said...

I wish you all the sucess possible. Good luck ib your endeavors. I'll keep reading, you're doing a good job.