Sunday, June 6, 2010


Well i've been on "vacation" for almost a week now and i've still got a good week and a half left spending time with friends and family. Its been nice to take the pressure off and clear my head while I re-load for my next trading attempt.

I have a rough sketch of my entry (yes that's singular because for the first time pretty much ever I will trade ONE and only ONE setup). And yes... I think that is a pig you just saw fly by your window.

I'm also putting together a new trading rig (3 23" 1080p monitors via ATI 5870 Eyefinity technology, i7 cpu, 6GB ram) little Matt is going to be in charting heaven by the time the week is over! No more trading off of a single 15" laptop screen!

I will try and post some of my daily results this week if I get an hour or two to trade but don't hold me to it. As I mentioned before i'm still up in the air as to whether or not trading a set time period everyday or to a set dollar amount everyday is best. But in sim mode i'll be trading every setup along the way to get experience with the new trigger.

And since this blog is as much about my journey as it is about trying to help other aspiring traders get a leg up I thought I would share with you 4 threads that have been a big source of inspiration getting myself back up and ready for round 83 of this trading journey.

Here they are, these are my favorite threads from Walterw on TradersLabratory.
I think all of the above threads have a lot of sound logic and glimmers of simple genius sprinkled throughout. Some of them are 30ish pages but there is a lot of good information in them and they are worth the time! I think there is a clear structure provided for a simple and profitable trading system in each one of them.

Looks like its about happy hour here so this is going to be my view from here on out.



TST said...

Nice legs ..he he

GulzaarFX said...

hey matt, remember me?

iv made a comprehensive forex training course, with over 6 hours of training videos in which i teach how to trade successfully.

I am looking for a few testimonials, and would appreciate it if you would oblige me. you will get free life-time access to the course.

please let me know.
thanks, shabbir

Matt said...

I'd be happy to look over your course and give you feedback.

If you wish to contact me further you can use my email address

Matt said...

Oh yea,

Thanks for the compliment TST... ;)

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