Friday, February 5, 2010

Is anyone still out there?

I've been working overtime on a lot of new ideas and like usual most seem promising up until the point they fall flat on their asses.

A lot has transpired since I last posted. The highlights are this, I ditched TradeStation and opened up a brokerage account with Infinity Futures (Talk to Anthony and tell 'em I sent ya!). I've been nothing but impressed with the level of service i've had from them and the speed of execution in comparison to TradeStation is astounding. You don't realize how bad you had it until you switch to something this much better. Kudos to them.

But my leaving TradeStation also meant I needed a charting platform so I opened up an account with Open E Cry and have been using their platform. Really nice platform considering the cost (FREE!), has EasyLanguage support which was the key for me, live data to any market I'd want to trade and they too have had AMAZING support. All in all - leaving TradeStation is something I should've done a LONG time ago. The only thing I miss is the historical data - but if you can get around that DO IT. I cut my monthly expenses from 110.00/mo to 0.00.

I finally cut all the bullshit off my charts. No oscillators, for the most part nothing. I came up with a simple idea that offers me the lowest entry risks yet and the most consistency i've seen in any method i've ever traded. Furthermore I switched to range bar charts (*Gasp* I know right? But i've been amazed with the clarity I find!) Then again, we've all heard these bullshit lines out of my mouth once or twice before haven't we? The difference is this - trading (granted it was on sim) but as realistically as possible I was able to walk out not only a winner every day this week but a BIG winner in some cases. At least a big winner relative to my previous experiences. Today I ended up with a damn sight more than 400.00/per and ended up the week more than I ever have before at any time. Period.

Next week is put up or shut up time quite literally. Its time to put it all on the line once again and try and make a go out of it. I'm tired of losing, i'm tired of spending hours upon hours backtesting ideas, i'm tired of seeing my dollars get transferred into some other guys account, in short - i'm tired. Hopefully in one weeks time i'll be sitting here writing about how kick ass I feel and how great this past week was. To be honest, I literally can't wait to find out.



E-Mini Player said...

Wish you the best dude!

"I finally cut all the bullshit off my charts. No oscillators, for the most part nothing."

Hmm...I recall advising you to do just that about a year ago :-P

Brandon said...

Good to see the update!

Anonymous said...

I'm a new follower, living the dream through you. Please post more often, as I get a kick out of retail traders beating "The Man."

Live the dream, man.

Matt said...

Thanks for all the comments guys I plan on posting nearly everyday this week for starters.