Monday, May 10, 2010

Bread & Butter

Today was the start of re-focusing on the "Bread & Butter" trade. The one that's supposed to be there and perform throughout it all. In all of my testing and trading there has really only been one setup that I find to hold up through it all and that's what I was focused on executing today.

And our baseline was like this:

NQ: +0, -9
YM: +13, -9, +18
6S: +3
6J: N/A
6E: +16
6C: -9, +11, -1
6B: +3, -1
6A: -9

Net Ticks: +26

Ummm yea. I've never been so underwhelmed by +26 ticks before. I think it needs work. 4 Losers and 4 Wins in a day isn't exactly what i'm going for. But I will say this - the new relaxed management is the ONLY reason some of the winning trades are approaching 2:1.

In a sidenote - the long anticipated trading documentary "Floored" started getting released in 10 minute increment episodes today. Check it out at


Sandy said...

thats a neat film and link. thanks and best of luck with this strategy :)

E-Mini Player said...

Did you incorporate or take any notes on the "context" of the market today?

Matt said...

Not as much as I should've. To be honest its still very much in the back of my mind. I'll work on that more tomorrow.