Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A bad day?

First off, lets just say, today was pure unaltered crap. Literally sideways for 80% of the day. A perfect day to get chopped to pieces. We didn't so I pat myself on the back. What we did do was take a trade that hit our "par" profit level but you know how we were waiting for stop moves on close these days after Friday's debacle? Well we did wait, and it reversed HARD and I had to take a 1 pt loss instead of a par. Frustrating to say the least. But that's just trading, the really annoying part was that my trade was on a 620T chart, meanwhile the 1min was firing off a valid double top trade that I could've got into if it weren't for me having to scramble to get out of my prior long for that 1 point loss. And the double top trade went to its target for +3 without me. All in all a 200.00 profit swing from what could've been to what was. But that's just trading. Ending up -1 pt on a day like this isn't bad at all. I'm sure thousands of traders got annihilated today. Anyway, took 2 other trades that all par'ed out, and I didn't get a fill on the 3rd trade that would've been a winner so all in all a disappointing day.

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Michael said...

These narrow range days are tough to trade, I rarely make money on days like today.