Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Passing on today...

Turns out it may have been a bad call (There have been 4 signals since i packed up shop around 10:30, 2 pars, 2 winners for +5.75 thus far) to not trade today but it is what it is. Inauguration day is an outlier news event and i'd rather play it safe than sorry. I tried to get into to moves this morning without filling (both would've par'ed out) got a bit fed up and then I decided I rather go watch history in the TV than trade through it and catch the highlights on the internet.

Either way, whats done is done, the methods are performing beautifully even though i'm not executing them.

Its going to be a 3 day week for us so we'll be up against it but I have no doubt we'll perform!

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