Monday, November 24, 2008

November 24th Recap

Traded perfect today, just didn't get paid in full due to time constraints. I had two trades today, I got in them around 11:30 AM, held them (sometimes in considerable pain) to 2:30 when they finally started working as they should've. I got to textbook reduced risk and par on both but they dropped from the par level down to pretty close to the entry when it was 3:00. My trade rules exit positions at 3PM without exception so I did just that and came out with about 30 pips cumulative. As you can see both went on to the take profits (the green horizontal lines) but did so after rollover and without me. Thats just trading. I traded well today, took solid setups, managed them well, and didn't break any rules. Just sucks that I made +30 rather than the +120 pips I had put these positions on to get.

Heres the AUDUSD setup:

And the EURUSD setup:

Its a short week for me this week. Trading through Wednesday and then calling it quits for the remainder of the week to enjoy thanksgiving with the family.

Trade Results:

EURUSD: +17.80
AUDUSD: +11.40

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maverickguy said...

hey bro keep em coming, i like reading your posts. got the url off 6speed, im a new member there under the same name.