Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November 5th Recap

Good day today! Had to be patient to make it work. I sat on my duff for 7 hours before I got a signal at 1:30 PM this afternoon. But during that 7 hours I was constantly measuring and waiting for potential setups. I saw the entire picture and I was ready for it. Then around 2:00 PM I got 3 signals all at once. I scrambled to enter all of them and actually got into everything... then I was trying to place stops/targets on 3 different positions as some were already shooting to par stop levels and target profit levels. It was a hectic 10 minutes. But the setups were golden, the management on all but one was flawless. After those three positions were flat I was so flustered from what had conspired I just covered my earlier position from 1:30. It was against my management rules and I should've held. I got +17 out of a position that hit the target for +45. Other than that though I'm really impressed with the method and my execution.

I'd been a little down in the dumps after a fairly lackluster start to this week but i'm glad we are finally getting some pips under our belts! In fact in one of my accounts i've seen a 44% account increase in capital in under three days of live trading. Not only that but i'm currently sitting at a 80% win rate on these trades. Pretty damn impressive if I might say so. Onward and upwards!

Trade Results:

USDCAD: +17.02
AUDUSD: +2.00
EURUSD: +21.00
EURJPY: +44.60

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