Thursday, November 6, 2008

November 6th Recap

Rough day. Markets didn't move ANYWHERE today. So I had a great day yesterday only to follow it up with a horrible one. Typical. What it did cement was the need to keep that management solid. Because the results for this week look to be hinged on yesterdays performance. And without that extra +30 pips from that management mistake the week can literally become negative territory due to one mistake.

Now today I took great setups, textbook management, but the problem was none of the markets followed through, and the two that ended up doing what I wanted didn't do so within the time constraints of my trading hours. So I had to flat one position at par and close the other out for a loss at 3PM because I exit all positions at that time everyday regardless of where they are. They ended up working but I wasn't along for the ride.

So it ended up negative, and by a large amount.

Trade Results:

USDCHF: -17.91, +0
EURCHF: -11.89
AUDUSD: -27.00
EURUSD: -27.00

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