Wednesday, December 10, 2008

December 10th Update

Today was a great day of trading. I came in, executed my plan without flaw, and had some great trades. The one "loss" was a par trade. Tradestation regards par trades as losses due to commissions. As far as i'm concerned a par trade is a winner because it means my system got me to a point of no risk and the trade just didn't work. That being said the par trade did stop me out by 1 tick and then went to my target. Thats life right? I also missed a trade around 9:20 AM this morning because I was a super tired and slept in an extra 20 minutes. C'est la vie right? But probably realistic because you won't get them all. One or two are gonna slip through your fingers during the week due to something and thats just trading.

Long story short. I'm very proud of my performance today. I saw the whole picture I was ready and anticipating my positions before they appeared and I pounced on every opportunity given with perfect management. The results of that type of trading are shown in the profits.

Trade Results:

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