Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December 17th Update

Good day today! Yesterday I did take a long after the FOMC had been released that was good for 250/per but since I said I wasn't going to trade yesterday we are going to leave it out of the results. Typically about an hour after the FOMC things are pretty good to trade so thats what I planned on and it worked out nicely.

So last night I took a look at some tick charts. I used to trade tick charts exclusively. A lot of the moves that 'blow away' from me on a time chart are able to be captured on the tick chart. So I added one to my workspace today and have been using it to trade off of in addition to my 1 minute chart. We'll see how the results are but I think it should be on par with the 1 minute and should serve as a great addition.

So as far as the trades went... 4 Trades. Took a double top off the 1 minute this morning for 337.50/per, two par trades in between off the 1 minute and 620T and then caught a nice reversal for 225/per this afternoon during the selloff using the 620T. All in all, a well managed and executed day.

The illustrated view of some of the trades:

Trade Results:


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