Monday, December 15, 2008

December 15th Update

Executed well today, most things just blew away in spurts today. I got caught inside a nasty wedge in the 3 minute this afternoon and it cost me 137.50. Two trades, 1 par, 1 loss. Shit happens, not a big loss (much smaller than all of my winning days) so we move on to tomorrow!

In other news, I completed my testing on the 3 minute charts and I will be trading 3 minute signals live in January as long as they are under my $ Risk cap. It added over 2k in baseline profitability with the 3 minute signals in addition to my 1 minute trades. If I was allowed to take every trade there was over 7k in profits :). This will be my last week mock in the ES as I intend to take next week off for the holidays. I'm also thinking of trading the NQ because it works even better with my method due to the nature of its moves (less backfill than the ES) but I think i'll hold off on that until we see what the results are like in January, and if I even make it through the month without having to print out a resume... At any rate, worst case, monitoring 4 charts, is a piece of cake in comparison to the 48 I use to monitor on a daily basis!

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