Monday, July 27, 2009

Another day anotha dolla...

Another relativly straightforward day in the TF. Three trades, an early scalp for +70/per, a midday par, and an afternoon rocket for +140/per. Total outcome was +210/per contract or +1050.00 on the 25k account trading 5 lots.

I'm trying not to be too encouraged and keep my head on right. There is a long way to go and after all, this is only sim. After that winning trade on Friday morning their would've been a losing trade for -80.00 to take me to +70 net on the day had I traded out the afternoon. Still - not horrible results here and its positive equity growth every day thus far.

I've got enough money together to refund my futures account and start trading the NQ to get my feet wet again in a live fashion. Hopefully i'll be able to use that account as a learning and demonstration account in the future to show results. However, for some reason my TradeManager analysis window won't pull up orders input throughout the day so i'm going to have to figure out some other way to present real trade results from this experiment on the website. I'm thinking maybe just a page showing the trades in the order and fashion that they came along and the potential for them if they were managed correctly. (Obviously i'd love to have an order statement to show... but TradeManager seems to do this to me every once in awhile where it decides it doesn't like me and won't show me my trades. Hopefully it corrects itself magically in the next couple of days!)

Anyhow - I'm planning on getting back to live in the NQ next week hopefully and i'll be sharing the live results on this blog with you all. Thanks for checking in and I hope you all are doing well with your trading!


Syed Omar (Hilmy) said...

what's the spread cost/comission for NQ is like? is it cheaper or expensive than forex?

Matt said...

1 tick spread and typical futures commissions (4.80/rt) so its roughly the same as MBT for comparable forex to futures sizing.

In the realm of futures though, the NQ isn't the best commission per $$$ tick bang for your buck.

4.80/rt for 5.00 a tick in the NQ vs 4.80/rt for 10.00 a tick or 12.50 a tick in the TF/ES.

But the NQ is a nice smooth market that likes to run and the smaller $$$/tick moves allows a nice base to start trading live for relatively small amounts of money.