Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Worst Day So Far

Took a -100/per trade in the morning, a couple pars mid-day then caught a small +70/per in the mid afternoon and took +30/per out of a trade to the downside into the close at the end of the day. That last trade only got to par and was coming back up when I exited at the close of the day. Net +0.00 before commissions.

I'm just glad I could come back from a fairly healthy loss in the A.M. and not end up down that much by the end of the day. Alls well that ends well ya know?



E-Mini Player said...

I would have Zero complaints if my worst day was a scratch :D

Matt said...

Ohhhh i'm not complaining... i'm just trying to make sure this shit isn't a fluke!

It seems too good to be true... or maybe i've just never traded profitably before and this is what its SUPPOSED to be like?

GulzaarFX said...

Do you still do currencies or just stocks and the like? Also, what is your strategy for taking entries/exits? good luck

Matt said...

I am not currently trading forex as i'm making the switch from spot to futures.

So right now i'm focusing on the futures indicies.

As for entries, i'm not exactly at liberty to discuss other than they are direct price action signals, but exits are a simple 2:1 calculation of our initial risk.