Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm Not Dead

Website is planned to launch end of August so I can be out of town for my sisters wedding and not have to worry about customer support and fixing little bugs, etc. during the little vacation.

This week i've been focusing on getting some results of the software traded in real time. So i'm trading this on just the TF everyday and trying to get some baseline results on a 25k sim account. I'm trading 5 lots so it would average out to 1 contract per 5K which I think is very conservative and realistic leverage. I'd still like to have (and will have) some live results as well but I think the CFTC disclaimer states that I must show hypothetical results in my advertisements so for the time being i'm sticking with my little sim account.

I am making a big effort to get realistic fills and take EVERY trade that comes down the pipe. Its fun to be back in the trading chair, and even more fun to actually be making money (even if its on sim for the moment). Its a feeling I haven't had in years. Anyway, the results so far are pretty good. I started on Wed. and made 340/contract on 4 trades, and yesterday walked out with 90/contract after a few pars, a loss, and a couple wins. Today i'm up 150/per contract on one trade. Overall though in two and a half days i'm up 580/contract or 2900.00 on the account.

Not great maybe, but i'm really just trying to show consistency and not getting beat down even when the market doesn't give much opportunity with runaway trend moves like yesterday. It still shows 11.6% account growth inside of two and a half days thus far and I think that's not too shabby. This, and only 1 losing trade so far.

I'm just going to trade the morning today (like usual on Fridays) and then take off for a movie and lunch with the fam. Enjoy your weekend folks!


Richard said...

I was starting to think you'd need to start a byage25 blog to chronicle the website launch :-)

So you are going with TF, but still doing project400?

Matt said...

lol @ richard.

I'd still like to do project 400, but quite frankly started getting really peev'ed with some of the fills I was getting with MB Trading on their variable spread. So i'm either going to have to limit it to the EUR or AUD with the lowest rates (at least on the timeframes i'm trading) or go back to oanda, etc...

It was just really frustrating to see a great move in the spot market but not be able to get in at the price you really wanted due to the spread. On a 4 hour chart, not a big deal, on a 4 minute chart, that 2-3 pip difference was a good chunk of the entire profit target (10-20 pips in most cases).

Personally, when I continue to trade FX its probably going to be in the futures market.

Richard maybe you can answer this - is their anyway to create a tabbed workspace environment like you get in multicharts or tradestation within NinjaTrader?

I am having my indicator converted to ninjascript this week and started messing around with NT again... but was a little disheartened by the massive amount of work it took to have like 8 charts organized and a DOM on my screen.

Richard said...

Yeah, ninja goes with the independent windows concept, so no easy way to do tabbed panes. I use virtual desktops to spread out my charts among 4 "screens" that I can switch between with a keypress. Of course, you can place different charts on different ninja workspaces, and switch between them, but that takes a lot of mouse clicks.

I don't see any reason, off-hand, to use anything but the FX futures. You have less flexibility in position sizing, but otherwise it seems to be better in every way for daytrading.