Thursday, July 2, 2009

Way More Available Than I Took

This morning was just a lot harder to trade than yesterday. The movement just wasn't there. Don't get me wrong - there was plenty for the taking, but in comparison to yesterday it wasn't quite as good. I actually only took two trades today, 1 par, and 1 win. There was a couple great trades in the EURUSD after I quit but I finally got my domain name and hosting set up last night so i'm swamped with development right now and am taking the rest of the day to work on that before I go to the Country Club.

In other news, yesterday was my first day back at my old job. And I gotta be honest... I had a blast. I got paid to bullshit with some nice gentleman, drive around in golf carts on a beautiful evening and hang out with some of my best friends. It got me out of the house and doing something social. A good thing any way you slice it.

Trade Results:

Forex: +15 Pips


E-Mini Player said...

Lets talk over the weekend. You have my contact# or I can call you. Whatever works.

Richard said...

I keep coming back, expecting to see a website announcement. I hope all that, and your trading, are going well.

Matt said...

Yea Richard - i'm developing like crazy... I got the basic layout/content and backend built and am producing the members video content as we speak!