Monday, April 27, 2009

Easy Trading - Good Results

Some fluke in the ES 1 min chart didn't print up any pivot highs/lows today so that chart was unusable which meant I only had half of my ES setups which resulted in only two trades today in the ES. One par (it went to my target but didn't give a fill) and one small win. The NQ offered up a lot of great entries and profits. Overall today I had 7 trades, 5 winners, 1 par, and 1 loss. Those are pretty damn consistent results. And this was all applied in a systematic fashion taking EVERY signal generated on my charts.

I'm very pleased to say the least but after testing this literally all weekend these results are right in line with what can be expected. My biggest challange was trying to find the optimum balance of risk when it came to stop loss placement to keep us in long enough to get to par or profit and not kick us out too soon. I'm using relativly lax stops with more "risk" but I calculate that this actually will increase profitability because the "larger" stops resulted in more pars or profit trades than realized losses with less risk. In many cases that one additional tick on the stop made a huge difference. Think of it this way. If an additional tick of risk avoids a -1.5 stop loss (a reasonably small loss yes?) then that tick has just paid for itself 6x's over.

Anyway, here are most of the trades including the one loser. The other winners look just like all of these... use your imagination! THIS ISN'T COMPLICATED FOLKS.

Trade Results:

ES: +50.00
NQ: +110.00


Michael said...

Nice results Matt, good job!

E-Mini Player said...

Well done buddy!