Tuesday, April 14, 2009

TradeStation: FIFO can lick my balls

Just a side rant that I need to voice. The FIFO standard sucks monkey nuts and I hate it. Why not give us a choice to see how our trades are recorded? Some of us like knowing our net P/L on the day without having to open up a damn TradeManager window. Rat bastards.

Anyhow. Trading kinda sucked today. Didn't get any follow through on my ES trades but I did get 3 back to back losses. They were all small (1 pt) but it just sucked racking up losers and not having any winners to offset them. Only two pars for a tick each to rally back against my ES P/L.

The NQ traded well and I missed out on one trade due to simply not multitasking another position while I was already short in the ES. That's my fault and it cost me +3 points but I guess that shit happens. I took one further trade in the NQ for another +2.25 to end the day. Overall i'm very happy with the outcome considering I lost a decent bit of change on the ES but made almost all of that back on only three winning trades in the NQ (and a loss). Considering the $$/contract differences its not bad.

I traded correctly, I took tiny losses, executed well, and nailed some great trades. Outcome didn't fall my way but all I have to do is keep doing what I am and i'll be successful more often than not!

Trade Results:

ES: -137.50
NQ: +125.00