Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Goes...

Didn't trade today. I went out last night and got piss-ass drunk somehow. Then managed to find myself at home intrigued with the show "Chuck" and watching the entire first season I borrowed from a friend all at once. I stumbled to bed around 4 AM and, well, lets just say I wasn't exactly in a prime mindset for trading this morning.

But a couple quick things to note. This week jump starts the first week I made money. I ended up with +167.50 on the week despite paltry performance and a true 4 day week. But I have a feeling many more weeks like this will follow. Second, the data on my final setup for this week is in. The NQ managed a fairly measly 90.00/contract in profits and a 66% win rate. But the ES fared much better bringing in 462.50 in profits and a 86% win rate! That should help boost profitability from now on!

As I said i'll be going live with it on Monday and then be out of town all next week and the first part of the following week. But we are getting internet hooked up at the house down in Missouri as we speak so hopefully i'll be able to trade from there as well.

Have a great weekend folks!

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Michael said...

It looks like your new method and mine would have made a big difference this week. Hopefully we get a chance to really test them out next week.