Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pretty Darn Good Day

And I even missed some midday ES profits as well and an easy +1 in the ES this afternoon (I took the same trade in the NQ but couldn't click both in at the same time). But no losses. Just a real solid day that went a long ways in proving the validity of this methodology.

Is it perfect? Nope. But there has been an undoubted shift in my equity curve this week and its not a factor of being on sim - its a factor of having higher probability entries and a method that really seems to perform consistently. Have I learned a lot of little things to help? Yes. Like when the ADX is really low for a prolonged period of time I don't take trades because I feel the market transitions from a place of reversals to a place of chop. But overall as much as I want to over-engineer this method I haven't. I've kept it the same, tried to keep it as simple as possible and I think I have.

Anyway, here's today's outcome. So far i'm 3/3 this week with my day to day profitability. I haven't made money back to back 3 days in a row since... well never I don't think. And that's missing a good deal of trades, taking some bad ones, and an overall mediocre performance. If I can make money performing like I have (which isn't perfect, but a realistic outcome of screwing up day to day) I think its does show a robust edge in the marketplace. And best thing yet was that I was very efficient in the trades. Only 5 trades today (all profitable). Not a lot of churn and burn in the commission department unlike past methods!

Trade Results:

ES: +150.00
NQ: +95.00


Michael said...

Of all the changes you've made since blogging, these recent one's have made the most difference.

Your on your way!

stan said...

Good job Matt. Keep after it - your patience and discipline is really starting to pay off this week.

Have you considered using your moving average as a trailing stop? Based on your chart from today it would have made a positive difference. I'm working on my trailing stop strategy myself but this is something that I've been trying lately and I like it.

Matt said...

Never thought of using it like that stan... I'll give it a look. Thanks!