Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rough Day

Not much to discuss. Took the signals, and they didn't really work out. Two pars in the NQ and three back to back losses in the ES. But the redeeming value is that the losses were all small (-.75 to -1.5) and they were on valid setups. Some of them worked a bit but reversed and that was just how they played out. I still have not lost any faith in the method though! One of the NQ trades I was in this morning went +70.00 in favor and reversed hard and fast. I couldn't get out of it and had no exit signal so I took a par on it.

Anyhow, that leaves myself about even on the week with one and a half days to go. I just have to keep after it!

Trade Results:

ES: -175.00
NQ: +0.00


Michael said...

Other than early this morning for a brief period around 9:50 (eastern),it was just choppy and sloppy all day.

Just hang in there!

E-Mini Player said...

Keep at it man! As Don Miller says, trading results are only meaningful in aggregation. A day/week means nothing.

Today's market action shouldn't be defined as "chop" though IMO. Looking at the 3-min chart, there were some nice sustained moves. Chop would be defined as the range-bound shitfest we saw last Friday morning :D