Thursday, May 7, 2009

6 Minutes of work ends the day

I'm done for the day and its 9:07. A whole 6 minutes of work this morning. I just gank yanked 112.50 out of the ES and i'm calling it quits. The reasons for this are two fold... 1. I have a shit ton to get done today and I have a wedding rehearsal that I need to be at by 2 PM, which means my entire schedule just got shoved forward by about 4 hours today and I really have to get some things done to get there on time. 2. Knowing this, I just wanted to try and pop in this morning trade whatever developed and call it a day. But frankly, nailing such a nice entry (AND NOT BEING A LITTLE WHAT?) made me feel pretty darn good and i'm content with the gains so i'm throwing in the towel.

Perfect entry, management, and exit this morning. A far cry from my mistake yesterday. So i'm pleased and i'm off to live life, get stuff done, and take some time to enjoy life from a place other than behind the screens. Enjoy the rest of the day folks!

Trade Results:

ES: +112.50
NQ: +0.00


E-Mini Player said...

Nicely done...and think someday you'll be doing this on a 100-lot ($11,250.00 FTW)

Matt said...

lol! Damn straight!

And then it will just be 6 minutes of work and then off to take the Lambo for a road trip. ;)

Forex trading beginner said...

6 Mins work a day! Dream of many traders. Working toward that..