Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Update

I just wanted to take a quick second to thank everyone for the kind words on this blog and through various emails, facebook messages, and forum PM's i've received from you all. It really helped get my mind right and push onward. I spent a lot of time looking and rethinking my setups and I came up with something that is really kind of an old kickback to what I was doing back in January. Or it least it plays off the same price pattern. I spent the entire weekend looking at ways to enter this pattern. I thought I really had a nice way yesterday afternon and then last night around 11PM I had an even bigger "aha" moment.

Its too soon to tell if its anything or if i'm nuts (probabilities of me finding something that really works are obviously abysmal considering my track record on this very blog) but I think it builds on my intial concept that was obviously working in January but enters the trades in a much more elegant, simple, and logical way allowing for less risk and more profit potential. It in most cases is lining up with the trendline entries I was taking anyway but in many instances is getting better fills. Anyway, i'm in sim mode for the day because i've got to give it a shot and see how it ends up.

So thank you guys for continually following the blog, the process, the trials and tribulations that is my career and kicking me in the butt to continue on. Cheers!

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