Thursday, May 14, 2009

Don't Force it

The trades just didn't stack up today. I was in three trades, two NQ shorts that went for par and one ES short that I took a -2 tick loss on by the book right before it rolled over to the target. It broke the lows then started to coil and lose momentum so I jumped out. Of course it rolled over minutes later but it was a textbook exit. Nothing else setup as markets trended higher into the afternoon and that's just how the deck was dealt today. Its important not to try and force trades and just wait for the opportunities to come. I still had three good setups today, just none that paid me. And a tiny loss won't kill me.

I made too many mistakes this week early on that have been hard to bounce back from. I'll probably end up net negative on the week simply due to how much I gave back realizing some futile mistakes on Monday and Tuesday. The flip side is I have plugged that leaking P&L hole and I feel i'm making good progress.

Trade Results:

ES: -25.00
NQ: +0.00


daytrader233 said...

Options exp. is messing up the nice smooth moves we normally see.

trailingstoptrader said...


Besides the option exp..Checked the ADX when market pre-opened - very low. ADX is useful this time, to avoid the CHOPS after trend days. But I already loss -USD300+ coz i have deleted the ADX indicator! Will reinstate it.