Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Traded Perfectly, Not Profitably

Got fudge packed by the ES today and was high ticked out of a short move that would've worked. I was unable to make it back the rest of the day. Had a winner, a loser, and a par in the NQ but fairly straightforward trades. Regardless... I traded the method perfectly and that's all I can do. The thing I have come to understand is that trading perfectly does not equate to trading profitably from day to day. I did what I needed to do and these were the outcomes (albeit shitty ones).

Trade Results:

ES: -87.50
NQ: +25.00


Ace_Rockolla said...

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what are those light blue and green indicators?

Matt said...

Pivot High and Lows... its also known as the "scalper" indicator... you can find it on traderslabroatory in the indicators section...

They show up delayed so don't think that you'll be calling tops and bottoms with them!

Anonymous said...

You might wnat to take a look at the Fibonacci-levels and make use of them; they might help you finding the right entries and exits.