Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 2 Live

Today was awesome if for no other reason that I could focus 100% on my trading and didn't suffer any platform or data issues. However, it was one of those days where I didn't catch any big runners and half of my winning trades ended up being at 6.25/tick in the 6B and my 1 loss was at 12.50/tick in the 6J. Not to mention the two tasty winners I had to pass up because I have a self-imposed 1 lot limit on my account right now. Gotta crawl before you can walk ya know? But for now, its all 1 lots and that's the reality i'm faced with.

Overall there wasn't much action for me today. I'm usually churning about 10 trades a day, today I had 4. This is reflected in the overall P/L performance for the day. Its quite a bit under what I would've liked to see!

I truly feel like i'm coming into my own with this approach. For the first time I truly can look at the markets objectively know exact which markets are potentially in play and then I just sit back and wait to pounce. Rinse and repeat. All you professionals out there probably have been doing this since you were in diapers but for myself its a huge change. That change is playing a huge impact on my everyday psyche and attitude towards not only the markets but life in general.

I have been walking around with an uneasy angst about my continual failure in the markets and its finally starting to subside. But before we pop champagne - its only day two. Lots of career left to go!

OEC Side-note - I've talked to two other traders that were caught in the same issues with OEC Futures Data yesterday as I was. Apparently OEC did change some system stuff with the 3.5 roll-out which caused the problem. However one of the traders said that after 45 minutes on the phone with support that they were aware of the problem, were working to fix it, and that I might have free futures data reinstated by the weekend. Awesome!

*Checkout the new blog logo too! I know I know... its as awesome as I am!*

Trade Results:
2 Wins, 1 Par, 1 Loss
Gross P/L: $47.50/per


Guardiangel said...

good job =)
its great to have a relief that all that hard work is actually going to pay off. and i would agree it would be good to keep in mind to walk before running. =)

MBAGearhead said...

Just caught up with your blog - nice new header!

Glad to see you are making range bars work for you and making some money. Keep it up!

No OEC issues on my end for awhile but I've never had anything but futures data and don't have a demo account.

E-Mini Player said...

Nice! Keep it up!