Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Solid Trading

Well after another day of trading i'm finding that i'm running a pretty damn tight ship these days. Spotting and pulling the trigger is a non issue at this point (which is a huge breakthrough in its own right). My weakness is sticking to the rule set once i'm in the trade, but having my rules printed out and sitting before me really reinforces my management.

Today for example I had four great trades, but the second one slipped a tick on exit (high ticking me out of a winning trade nonetheless) and when I got into the next trade I started thinking... "Well If I could just eek a tick out i'd be back up on the day". Now I know rationally this makes NO sense, but in the back of my mind there is still a little douche-bag gremlin there yelling these things at me. That's the kind of irrational bullshit my mind plays on me. I'm down on the day (by 10 dollars) and I HAVE to get it back. Good news is I took my anti-douche-bag-gremlin pills this morning and traded flawlessly.

Trade Results:
4 Trades, 3 Pars, 1 Winner
Gross P/L: $77.50/per

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Sam said...

If you have a source on those anti-douche-bag-gremlin pills, let me know.


Great blog, congrats on the positive day.