Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Trades!

I was actually complimented with some trade opportunity today and came close to catching a winner. As you can see, I took a great long signal in the 6B (I took a duplicate of it in the 6E as well) but as it hit my par level, it paused momentarily, rotated back down to its low to smack me out at par and then continued on its merry way without me. Frustrating, but textbook.

I had two other longs today in the 6E but both stalled at highs and came back in my face after being up around 5-7 ticks each. Thing is - I was holding for the runners as my rules dictate, and the runners weren't there. One of them stopped out on negative slippage but the nice thing about locking in a tick of profit on pars is negative slippage just turns a trade into an actual par. I can live with that.

Frankly i'm just happy to actually have some trades to take. I don't feel so anxious about not having any opportunity to try and grab anymore. Certainly not the same amount of trades as two weeks back or even last week but i'll take whatever comes my way.

The only other slight change i'm making in my trade schedule is quitting at 11AM CST rather than 12PM CST. I know I know, i'm a lazy pile of crap. Thing is this: the net results from the past 3 weeks after 11AM CST is 4 par trades... 4 Par trades isn't worth the additional 12 hours of work. I'm all about working hard, but i'd much rather work smart and efficiently when its going to count the most.

Trade Results:
3 Trades, 3 Pars
Gross P/L: $31.25/per