Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day Two of Blah...

Not one trade again today. Today was a case of big moves that occurred around 7-8AM and by the time I got to the charts at 9AM everything was in consolidation mode recovering from the big moves. Those conditions weren't conducive to giving me signals.

The thing about having no trades two days in a row when you've been averaging 4 a day is that it puts you back on your heels. It makes you second guess yourself, makes you wonder if you missed something, makes you wonder if your method is all its cracked up to be.

I've been down that road way too many times. So rather than embrace the fear and doubt - I think i'll just keep on doing exactly what I have been.

Trade Results:
No Trades
Gross P/L: -.--/per

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Gump said...

You need to embrace the fear and doubt and any other emotions you feel. They are guides for your life.
There is never a day without a trade. If the market moved up, the trade was a long, if the market moved down, the trade was a short.