Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rough and Tumble

Today was by far the worst day i've hit yet. Just couldn't seems to do much right in terms of how the signals played out. I would get profit, then hit a loser, get more profit back, hit another loser. Rinse and repeat all day long. One of my winners today was solid, but was on the 6B at 6.25/tick. Both losses were at 12.50/tick. Sucks but that's life right now. That being said, I did exactly what I was supposed to and give myself a solid A on execution today. No fear, no greed, no trigger shyness, just solid execution.

I will say I am a bit frustrated with the results thus far. Don't get me wrong, i'm having more consistency and success than I have ever had before but the method is obviously in a drawdown period as the results this week just aren't in line with last week. Thing is though - that's ok. For once i'm remaining the constant in the market rather than trying to change X, Y, and Z around to "catch more". So when the markets decide to go my way again be it tomorrow or next week i'll be there to capitalize on it.

Trade Results:
2 Wins, 2 Losses, 4 Pars.
Gross P/L: $0.00/per


Michael said...

I don't know about your method/system, but with the way the market's fluctuating right now (up 2 points, down 2 points) I'm finding it's best to sit on the sidelines, there's just not enough follow through right now. For me at least...

Every method has it's market conditions where it does best, maybe these conditions aren't favorable for you either.

Guardiangel said...

i wanna say the same thing as michael but its hard to tell when the market is fluctuating. sometimes its hard to see the iceberg until u actually hit it

Matt said...

Yea, this is a trending methodology for sure that thrives on big robust moves that go on and on and on...

That was very much the case last week, not so much this week and I think its being reflected in the results a bit.

That isn't to say that there hasn't been big moves this week, but all of my setups really just missed being valid. Today for example there was a small technicality that kept me out of a +20 6S winner. But it just wasn't valid so I sat on the sidelines... no biggie. I can't make exceptions after the fact.

Thanks for the input guys!