Tuesday, February 17, 2009

First day out of the gate!

And we lost! Yay! Actually lets not make any qualms about it - today's price action sucked. Yes? Can we take a vote? Did anyone think it rocked? It was truly hard to trade but I did what my method said to do and at the end of it all I was down on the day in the ES and up marginally in the NQ. I got stop gunned not once, not twice, but three separate times today all on trades that would eventually go to par or to take profits, but the point was that three times I took a loss on setups that were valid and that would go onto work.

As far as the method goes, its working about up to expectations. It doesn't fair that well in stuff like today (does anything?) but I think it was a great first day because it got me situated with the new reality behind my entries - more losses. Its hard to wrap my head around but today really put it into perspective. The system is hitting round about 57% win rates which is EXACTLY what was expected. So no big deal - I lost some money today. I traded it correctly. I must confess I need to hold better for my targets. I gave up a point and a tick of profit today because I didn't think price would get to my targets (it did) so i'm disappointed in that aspect. But by the end of the day I had that licked and we're good to go!

The silver lining? My old entries would've been even crappier today! I'm sticking with this and am confident that we can turn a profit by the end of the week! (But until we do I must admit I have a nervous knot in my stomach!) Its always one thing to "know" it works in backtesting but it becomes a different kind of "know" when you are seeing account growth. Ya "know"?

Trade Results:

ES: -137.50
NQ: +15.00


Michael said...

Looks like your changes are making a positive difference already,reducing your losses,that's good!

E-Mini Player said...

It really was a shitty day to trade. I'd call you out on it if it wasn't but the range was crap, and the stop-runs were all over the place today. But you did wuss out on that one trade where you bailed a point too early.

Matt said...

you'd call me out?! on what? that my new method sucks?! h8tr! ;)

E-Mini Player said...

LOL I meant I would call you out on your excuse that it was a shitty trading day :D For example, if you said that on a day with a 30-point range...I'd have to call you out and tell you to save the excuses :D Don't hate the player, hate the game? LOL ;)