Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Best Day

Yesterday I wasn't paid for my execution. Today I was. We made more money today than any day in the past and you can bet your balls to a bandsaw it was because my execution was perfect. Even today we had a ton of trades that ticked me out at my stop before dropping 2-4 points in favor but that's not the point. The point is the market did what it does and I kept my implementation of my plan perfectly consistent. So day two is done and it was correctly traded through and through. A perfect week just might be a reality.

You may be asking why am I quitting early? Because I can. I accomplished something here today and I fought to get it. There is a difference between capturing 2 ticks and calling it a day like you accomplished something and capturing more profits on a day than you ever have before and then calling it a day. I have no problem walking away an hour early after the later of those two scenarios without regret to go live life. I can get my workout done early, play with my dog, or go see a movie - DO SOMETHING. At the end of the day we all trade so we CAN go do those things that enrich our lives but far too many of us fail to ever truly follow through on those goals because we trap ourselves in front of the screens day in and day out. I feel successful today and I think I deserve to ride that feeling for the rest of the evening and ENJOY LIFE.

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E-Mini Player said...

Great job, and the execution on that last Long trade was perfect!

Michael said...

Turning a profit on a choppy day like today is an accomplishment, good job!

Anonymous said...

Nice work man. I also happened to have my best day ever but unlike you, I'm still on the SIM for now (I had to go back to diapers after I kept losing control!). However today I executed to plan and that's what matters most. Keep it up!


ScalpWiz said...

I think its great to have fun and quit early if you like, the point like you said is to make money so you can have fun, your doing awesome keep it up man.

Matt said...

Thanks for all the comments gents!