Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We're Live Tommorrow

I needed one day to prove what I suspected was true. Does it pick out every winner in the book? No. Can I get every signal out there? No. Today I missed out on two trades in the NQ that were signals for over +17 points that either I passed on because other markets had broken the patterns or because I was already in ES trades. The point is this. It works. Done and done.

Was today volatile and a nice trend day? Yup, and guess what? I just bought it all the way up. Obviously i'll still have losing days. But from everything i've seen the losers are much less frequent, the winners are much more consistent and profitable more of the time and I don't find myself fighting the market momentum hardly ever.

The results are entirely 110% how I would trade this method real time, live with my account. That's how I sim. If its not real, there's no point.

I think the results speak for themselves... so i'll let them.

The one loss on both the ES and the NQ was a stop run. That crap happens regardless and it can't be avoided. Otherwise, can you spot a trend here?


Michael said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your trades, looks promising!

Anonymous said...

The Results looks tasty. Good luck with the system - hope it does you right.

Anonymous said...

BTW and because I know you were wondering...per tradestation, I had 18 points of profitable trades today on the TS ($1800!) but because I am such a pussy, I only got a half of a point! Maybe I should just let TS do the trading while I sit back and drink wine coolers all day, given that I am such a wuss. Out.

Matt said...

lol... tradetolast - thats rough stuff! I've been watching youre blog and you continue to hit it out of the park most days! Impressive!

E-Mini Player said...

Your performance was SOLID today! Looking forward to similar results tomorrow!