Thursday, February 26, 2009

First Day Traded Correctly!

Well not a huge day, but today I traded each signal that came, and did so without fault. I got perfect fills, had the balls to wait for my par levels to be hit and took profits appropriately.

I passed on an early trade because the EIA report was due out in about 20 minutes at the time so typically I wait to trade after they are released. No biggie. I took the next two signals and made +4 points in the morning. I followed the afternoon by taking two back to back losses. But they were both text book signals and I am completely fine taking those losses. I had a couple trades, even in the NQ that got up a good amount (+2-4pts) but just hit some major resistance and backfilled against me really really quickly before I could take profits. That's trading and it happens.

Oh how I wish I would've traded correctly yesterday! But whats the lesson gents? If I trade the method as it is supposed to be traded even with basically a 50% win rate today, missing a few winning trades (morning and lunchtime), and being screwed out of profits on a few more, I still made a tiny bit of money. And that's just what was offered up today. There was a lot yesterday, there was a little bit today, there may be losses offered tomorrow but as long as I stick with the method and act upon it more often than not i'll be profitable at the end of the day.

I'm also going to be just posting up my spreadsheets at the end of each week as it was getting a little out of hand posting it everyday.

Trade Results:

ES: +50.00
NQ: +0.00 (Slipped a tick on a par trade)


E-Mini Player said...

Nicely done! I took one more trade for +2 pts after you signed off bringing the end of day total to +5 pts net. If I had just stayed out of that stupid Long earlier in the afternoon, I'd be up 8.25 on the day. Oh well; lesson learned.

Anonymous said...

Nice work. Props for always having a good attitude! As you say some days are better than others but what is most important is trading to plan because you never know which day is which until the final bell rings. Keep after it - you've got a big day just around the corner.