Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So Much Opportunity!

Today coulda, woulda, shoulda been the best trading day i've ever had. I screwed it up. I took a nice trade in the NQ in the morning got to par, was high ticked out before it went for +10... this however was the best trade of the day as it was appropriately taken and managed. No biggie.

I took another short in the ES, and then shorted it again. I lost but it made me realize a very simple thing about my patterns and something i'm stupid for not realizing sooner. So i'm more than happy to pay for the lesson. 2.25 points? Cheap considering what its going to save me in the long run. With that lesson in hand I used it later on it the day to avoid pullbacks that were actually momentum shifts and was able to avoid losses. Yay.

Then I started really screwing the pooch. I took a long trade in the es, the actual entry was 57.75, but the market had jumped so quickly on the bar close I jumped in at 58.25 rather than the actual fill. Those two ticks ended up causing a lot of problems. Par came as ordered, but because I wasn't in at the right price I was ticked out for par before it went on for a TEXTBOOK +11.75 points. Yea. Would've been my biggest ES trade ever. Fun times.

Later in the day I took another signal, this time I got in at the right price, but I got too ancy getting to par, violated the rules and was ticked out before it went TEXTBOOK +7 points. Yea.

Overall the method was TITS. I was ASS. I'm encouraged yet again by what i'm seeing now that i've been blind to for so long but i'm disappointed I haven't capitalized on it correctly. I have screwed up as much as I intend to. Tomorrow its on like donkey kong.

I'd also like to point out to Awais that I didn't use "We" once in this blog entry. :)

Trade Results:

ES: -150.00
NQ: +5.00


E-Mini Player said...

Props for not using "WE"! :D

Michael said...

We both had a couple that got away from us, we'll get 'em tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Some people think ASS is better than TITS. Just saying. And tomorrow is a new opportunity to get 'er done. Good luck!

E-Mini Player said...

tradetolast makes an excellent point. I guess Matt's not an ASS man :D

In the usual spirit of giving you shit, I have to say, it's spelled Opportunity but if Oppritunity puts dollars in the account, that works too ;)

Matt said...

Dah! I fail at teh blog posts ;)