Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Worst Day

Only seems fit to follow up the new best day no? Nothing really to report. I traded my game but caught two back to back max losses on pretty big swings, which means they had pretty big stops. Statistically I was expecting this sometime this week. I mean thus far the methods had produced 17 winners (pars count) out of 18 this week? Yea, losing trades are an almost certainty after a string of wins like that. No big deal. Traded correctly and this was the result! Bring on tomorrow!

Trade Results:



Michael said...

It's great that your system works so well in this market environment. I've been on the sidelines so long I'm going to forget what my setups look like.

Matt said...

Works well? lol... Odd day to comment on my successful system! ;)

I'd rather be cautious than wrong and I think you subscribe to the same philosophy. Nothing wrong with that.

Richard said...

You say losses are an "almost certainty" after a series of wins, but in reality aren't your trades pretty independent? It sounds as if you are saying the coin is almost certain to come up tails if it comes up heads several times first. But we all know it's still 50/50.

Regardless, congrats on trading your plan, and looking forward to tomorrow. That's the way to win!

Matt said...

Richard are we talking about individual outcomes being independent? If so I completly agree. Each trade is seperate of one another and thus they all have an equal chance of success or failure.

I was just trying to get at the point that my systems are averaging about 70% hit rates (pars included) and this week so far I was hitting near 90% which means that its probable that losses would occur and bring my average hit rate back down to normal.

But as you state - each one is 50/50! After taking my back to back losses I jumped in on another valid entry which par'ed out but it gave me 12.50 i didn't have before. :)