Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Disastrous Day

I will keep this short and simple because there isn't anything I did or didn't do well. The setups just f**ked me continuously today. The first setup wasn't that great admittedly, and I probably should've passed, but it was valid I did take it and it did bring me pain.

From there on it was one trade after another that would work a little bit, not give me an exit and reverse hard against me instantly to stop me out. The trades that did work would backfill and take me out at par before giving me profit. It went on like that the entire day. The drawdown deepened and finally I just called it quits around 1:30 after another ES trade failed. It was so aggravating to see trades that went +2-3 points but didn't give a par OR an exit signal only to reverse and stop me out for my max loss. It was just shit like that continuously today.

I'm not going to lose more than 500 bucks in a day. So I called it quits and I turned off the charts. I have NEVER seen so many bad trades on any given day before. I couldn't believe how badly I was hitting them. But days like today will happen and it sucked. Thing is though I followed my rules, I stuck to my guns holding for my textbook exit and par signals and nothing worked. Plain and simple. I guess the silver lining is that I DID execute well and that I didn't start bending my rules and revenge trading.

Trade Results:

ES: -412.50
NQ: -60.00


Michael said...

Today just sucked, it was way too choppy. Every time frame I watch was erratic.

The good thing is, day's like today (so many losers) are rare for you, maybe it's just a fluke.

E-Mini Player said...

Sorry to see you had a terrible day man; I was wondering why you didn't sign onto IM. Better luck tomorrow bro!

stan said...

Welcome to my yesterday B-atch! And let me be the poster child for the slogan "It could always be worse!".

Keep your head up and get back after it tomorrow.

Silver Eagle said...

It was the same exact scenario for me only it was forex that kicked my a$$ but good. I feel your pain bro.