Wednesday, March 4, 2009

An Uphill Battle

Aren't days so much better when you start off with a win? I certainly think so. Today wasn't one of those days for myself. Typical stops on most of these trades on the time frames i'm using are between 1.5 and 3 points. Today I caught the end of the trend and got hammered for a -3.75 loss to start off the day. YIPPE! Was the trade valid? Yup. Did I get filled correctly? Yup. Did I suck it up and move forward? Yup. That's all I can do. So 8 minutes into my day I was down -187.50 an hour later I was sitting up +25.00 on back to back winners. YOU ARE ALWAYS AT THE LOWEST POINT OF YOUR EQUITY DRAWDOWN PRIOR TO THE NEXT TRADE. Its so important to keep this in mind. Unless you can take the losses and get back in on the next to get it back you can't beat the market.

I started trading at 9:30 this morning as everything was on hold until EIA Petrol was released. Again, front running this signal was dangerous and would've personally cost me money. In the afternoon I took a long lunch as Beige book was out at 1PM. Another big report I don't like to front run... price action was simply wedging in front of it anyhow so why even try to game it? Wait for it to decide and then place your bets folks! Today was just a great day to prove yet again how important it is to be aware of news announcements.

Later in the afternoon the rat bastards at the CME stop gunned my position and took me out for a -87.50 loss. But I just turned right around to the tick chart which hadn't fired a signal yet and jumped back in and rode it up for a +125.00 gain.

Overall, another up day which is great, but I haven't had any real "big" days thus far. That being said - i'm making money more consistently and more of it than I have with any other method so I just need to keep with it! Not a losing day this week? I'll take it.

Trade Results:

ES: +62.50
NQ: +0.00


Michael said...

Looks like we got nailed on the same setup, I got in after you got stopped and got hit too.

E-Mini Player said...

Nice job. Keep it up!

Stan said...

You definitely can't let your losses scare you away assuming you've still got control of your emotions. Way to keep after it.