Friday, March 20, 2009

Tiny Quick Profits...

Not much to report today. Took two separate ES trades and got away with +1.5 net. Not a lot, but there wasn't much out there. More than that, I didn't lose once, and I got in with precision and i'm satisfied with the exits.

I'll be live on Monday. Its not the $$ factor that i'm impressed with, its the consistency I see in all the charts i'm looking at be it this week or in 2001 on a 240 min EURUSD chart. Traded correctly this method made money every day of the week (including FOMC for that matter).

So the sim has been fun, but its time to get back to reality and start getting back what I lost in my account through this transition. I feel like I've wasted a lot of time but when I look at where I was and how I was trading in comparison to what i'm doing now I could've taken 3x's as long and lost 2x's the money and it would still be worth it to have the knowledge and method I have today. It will quite literally pay dividends and its time to start getting paid.

Trade Results:

ES: +75.00
NQ: +0.00


E-Mini Player said...

Nice job! I was up $237.50 and gave it all back because I broke the rules (started taking counter-trend trades). I'd probably be up $500 if I stuck with the game plan! Have a good weekend and good luck next week.

Anonymous said...

I'm rooting for you. Best of luck this week.