Monday, March 16, 2009

Solid First Day

Took some really great trades and got comfortable with trading this new method live in real time. In fact, I was so excited to trade it I could barely sleep and got up around 3AM just to trade the EURUSD for a bit before going back to bed. The one losing trade I did have today I got taken out at the low tick for a 1 point loss. No biggie. The idea was obviously sound considering the massive run up following my entry.

I'm using much less risk most of the time, getting clean entries that seem to be working great and I really have confidence in this method. I'll take three wins and one loss any day of the week. But I just have to stay focused because I haven't proven anything yet. My rules are about 95% on this right now and really the only finessing i'm working on is managing the exits right now. I have found that there really is no good "one way works all the time" way to exit with the most profit. It requires some interpretation and feel in the real world so that's how i've been managing trades and will continue to do just that.

Regardless i'm stoked about the outcome of the first day and the relative ease with which it came. I'd also like to point out I would've had multiple losses with the "old" method today.

Trade Results:
ES: +175.00
NQ: +60.00


Michael said...

We had the exact opposite results today, new versus old system. I'm glad to see yours working, that has to feel good.

E-Mini Player said...

You kicked my ass today, in real-time :D

Nice job man! I'm really glad at least one member of the LLC banked some gains today ;)