Monday, March 23, 2009

First Day Live (Again)

I gotta say... I think I kicked some serious ass today. Was it a 500.00 day? Nope. But I took 5 trades and had 4 winners and 1 par. I consider that effin' SOLID. Here's the action in the NQ from this morning (no ES setups signaled in the A.M.).

As you can see there wasn't huge profit potential in a lot of them but what was available I captured fairly well and I got in with precision, low risk, and solid management. In the afternoon I took another NQ trade that I had to sacrifice for +.5 as it was transitioning into a short signal against my long position.

Then the ES said "Hey, i'm ready to give you money" so I politely agreed and took the bitch for all she was worth. The first trade I probably could've gotten a tick or two out of had I held just a *bit* longer but it was turning ugly and I got out at par. Second trade signaled pretty much right after that and as you can see I got a pretty damn solid entry. Some may ask, "But why did you get out so "soon?" Two reasons. 1: I didn't know that the ES was going to go vertical +15 points in a straight line and its not a high probability I would bet on at anytime, and 2: I got twice what I had risked on the trade. I'm content with that profit.

After those entries the markets went elevator style and offered no further opportunities for myself. Think I care? Nope. I got in and out today with finesse and control and I didn't lose once. Not only that but this puny little day still equated to a 3.7% account growth on my depleted live account and i'll take that kind of growth any day of the week with no complaints!

Trade Results:

ES: +87.50
NQ: +80.00


Michael said...

Everyone knew it was going to run 15 points, how could you not know!

Nice way to start the week!

Stan said...

Nice job Matt. And you nailed it there at the end when you put the gains on the day in perspective by figuring the amount you grew your account. The numbers are all relative at the end of the day and it's really the percentage growth that is most telling. 3%+ is a great day for any account! Now don't let the market take it back tomorrow or any other day!


Matt said...

Thanks guys! Michael I KNEW you were holding for +15 on that trade. I could feel it!

E-Mini Player said...

"the ES said "Hey, i'm ready to give you money" so I politely agreed and took the bitch for all she was worth"'re an S&P pimp!

And how the hell could you not see that up move coming? 815.50 was was the +61.8% FIB projection from the morning price action! Damn rookies LOL j/k :-p