Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Rock 'em Sock 'em Day

Not gonna lie, I made one mistake today. I got to par one tick to early (pansy syndrome) on a trade this morning that high ticked us out before dropping for an easy +2. That was all me. The rest of the day was executed beautifully and even though we went from being +187.50 to -50.00 in the afternoon after some choppy fakeouts we jumped back in and made most of it back to end the day up +175.00. I traded the charts and took what they offered. Did it suck taking a -250.00 drawdown? Yup. But sticking with it was the key to walking away with profit.

One other thing of note was I took my first double top setup with these new rules and they really make it a much more high odds setup than ever before. Overall, i'm fairly pleased with the results. I wish I hadn't screwed up this morning but I did. Regardless I walked out with more than I came in with. Its also the most money in a day i've made thus far with the new system live. I'll take it!

Trade Results:

ES: +175.00
NQ: +0.00


Michael said...

Good job Matt!

E-Mini Player said...

Nicely done! I was up +3 points, and then down -9 points in the PM; but made it all back and ended the day up +4.50 points, and that was with an extremely early exit (I was short from 708 in the PM) :D