Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wham, Bam, Thank You M'am!

I'm telling you guys, I feel more confident with this method than anything, ever, period. The observations I was talking about on Tuesday are 110% the correct and perfect observation that need to be made to get the highest probability entries. Whats even more important is that i'm back in that mode of trading from January where I knew the method and the entries so well that I just sat back and waited for them to come to me with no interpretation, guessing or bias.

All that's required of me is to take it and manage it correctly and I can do that. I'm trading from a relaxed state of mind again and that is so important in the long run for being able to get up and do this everyday.

So onto the days action. This morning was rife with opportunity and I took it without even saying thank you. Two trades in the NQ for profit, and two trades in the ES one for profit and one for a tick out at par. But NO LOSERS. Win rates are important for me because they keep morale high and make it easier for me to pull the trigger. (I'll pull it either way, but isn't it easier following a winning trade with your next entry?) I think we can all agree it is.

Later in the afternoon I got into a nice NQ trade for +3.5 but got into a losing trade that cost me -1.75. But I said "Screw you NQ!" and pounced on a long for +2 to get it back with a bit of profit. Overall though... 6 wins and 1 loss (85% Wins!) are exactly how I want to be hitting these markets day in and day out.

Trade Results:

ES: +175.00
NQ: +155.00


Stan said...

As they say, "You'll never know how great the view is from the peak unless you've first been lost in the valley." Keep climbing!


E-Mini Player said...

Nicely done buddy!

Matt said...

I pulled another +1.25 out of the ES a couple minutes prior to 14:30... Ended the day up +3.5 ES! :)