Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another Good Day?

Well... things continue to look promising here on my end. I had three winners today and a whole gwop of pars (7). Now as frustrating as it is to hit 5 pars in a row, that 6th trade was a +337.50 winner, another par, and then a +425.00 winner and then a par and a smaller winner at 5.00/tick in the YM for +115.00. Ummm... yea. Now I hate churning and burning commissions as much as the next guy but if when the trades do go your way you can cover yourself and then some off of ONE winning trade it becomes acceptable for myself.

As far as the actual entries are going the filtering process i'm trying to run the trades through probably won't ever keep. The raw format of taking all of these trades is kind of what makes it work. I don't know which one is going to break favorably, and none of the basic analysis seems to point to any definable correlation. Ideally i'd love to cut out half the pars and a loss here or there but that just may not be possible. For now, things look fairly good. In fact i'm pretty safe in saying that even on a per contract basis today's performance was about 2x's my best weekly result.

Trade Results:
10 Trades, 0 Losses, 3 Wins, 8 Pars
Gross P/L: $877.50 or $438.75/per contract

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