Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Not Going as Planned

I was supposed to be rolling in cash this week remember? That new setup that was going to get me out to the strip clubs to make it rain? Yea, had another loss today. Certainly not the outcome I thought I would be getting but i'm committed to give it at least a week and let it do what I think it can do. If after that time i've seen no evidence of this performance i'll reevaluate things.

Trade Results:
3 Trades, 1 Loss, 2 Pars
Gross P/L: $-112.50/per


TST said...

Hi Matt,

Are your current setup use any indicator. if yes, how much 1,2,3 ?
FYI i used up to 4 indicators, but now i plan to use 1 only - on balance volume.

Matt said...

TST - I use primarily two indicators to confirm my setups, but the basic setups themselves aren't based on indicator readings, but price action setups. I use the indicators to confirm whether or not the move still has some gusto left in it to work prior to me getting in.